PORTEIRO helps busy professionals and individuals find and buy personalized services anytime, anywhere, while helping solopreneurs and small business owners affordably sell personal care services.  PORTEIRO’s onboarding experience for service providers was mobile-only and frustrating, requiring the providers enter large amounts of data on their phones.  As PORTIERO ramped up their launch efforts, making it easier to onboard new service providers is critical to its expansion.


NBT was hired to design, develop, and deploy a desktop-oriented onboarding process for the PORTIERO platform,
aiming to give service providers a more consistent and optimized experience for sign-up and management of their service offerings.


NBT performed both quantitative and qualitative research through user surveys and brainstorming with the PORTEIRO team.  
This resulted in the following directives for building the new site: Desktop first for easier data entry Pleasing aesthetics Reduce data entry with
cumulative data where possible NBT also identified vulnerabilities in PORTEIRO’s infrastructure that were opening them to legal and financial liability.  
NBT immediately began working with the team to mitigate these issues and improve their IT and security postures moving forward.


The resulting portal, developed on industry-standard technologies such as React, simplifies sign-up and management of service provider accounts.
 PORTEIRO is excited to utilize the portal as it exists and is already working with NBT on additional improvements.

Our Case Studies

Latest Case Studies

Design - Development

Hawaii Treatment Center

Our team was tasked with designing, developing, and deploying a new website for a Hawaii based rehabilitation center that focuses on rehabilitation and detox for individuals struggling with addiction.
Design - Developement

Pursuit By You

Pursuit is a health education and dietary guidance application aimed at helping users develop healthy habits, particularly towards eating and meal selection. The app provides features such as grocery lists and step-by-step cooking instructions, enabling users to acquire valuable skills while preparing delicious meals.
Design - Development

Waterfall AR

Untethered IO builds augmented and mixed reality technology in a platform called Waterfall, which allows users to create 3D content they can experience in the real world.