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Meet the Faces Behind NBT Studios

Custom Software Development

Established in 2022 around one simple idea: Building the Next Big Thing. ​At NBT, we strive to cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients by understanding their needs and goals while consistently exceeding their expectations. ​  

After spending twenty years building software for other established companies and start-ups, Andrew Male grew tired of working hard to build someone else's company. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, he called his best friend, Matt Johnson, and they decided to start NBT Studios. Matt had recently left active duty service in the US Army, where he served in Special Operations as a Green Beret.  

After quickly growing the company over the next year, Matt approached Andrew about bringing in more talent to help NBT continue to grow. Matt had the perfect person in mind, Bob Hinsley. Matt and Bob had formed a lifelong bond, serving on the same Special Operations team in combat. Matt knew there was no one else he would rather bring on the team.  

Now, the three partners are ready for their next great challenge, building an amazing company with a vision of empowering and advancing humanity through​ technology and strategy.

Andrew Male

At age nine ,Andrew started learning to program by designing simple games; fast-forward years later, Andrew is now a self-taught software developer who got his start in the 90’sdesigning video games. Over his career, Andrew has worked on various projects, improving his skills as a developer. His experiences range from developing logistics programs for the military, financial software, game development, augmented reality software, and AI/ ML applications.

Email: andrew.male@nbt-studios.com

Matthew Johnson

While still serving in the National Guard as a Green Beret, Matt is growing his software and cyber security expert skills. With over ten years of experience in project management in multiple disciplines, Matt is an essential player in every project NBT is part of. Matt has a degree in cybersecurity focused on regulations and compliance.

Email:  matthew.johnson@nbt-studios.com

Bob Hinsley

Bob has recently retired after 20 years in the United States Army, where he served in Special Operations as a Green Beret. Bob became an expert in building and managing small specialized teams, and after completing his MBA, he felt the entrepreneurial spirit and was excited to join NBT Studios.

Email: robert.hinsley@nbt-studios.com