Hawaii Treatment Center (HTC) was starting their holistic therapy-based rehabilitation center to help individuals struggling with addiction.  They needed their first website as soon as possible and needed it to be effective at connecting them to future clients.


NBT was hired to design, develop, and deploy their website quickly so they could get back to
focusing on their core mission in the fight against addiction.


NBT sprinted through the entire production process, incorporating industry and competitor research
into design decisions, resulting in a clear path forward for HTC’s web presence: Mobile-first design,
Highlight HTC’s location in Hawaii Social media presence front-and-center

With these elements building a laser focus, NBT got to work and built a site that included animations, beautiful
photography, videos, all optimized for mobile phones.


NBT managed to deliver a vibrant, interactive, and effective website within an extremely abbreviated timeline and a minimal budget.  The strategic use of competitive and industry analysis helped focus the work on only the deliverables that would bring the most return on investment and resulted in a successful launch for HTC.

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Our team was tasked with designing, developing, and deploying a new website for a Hawaii based rehabilitation center that focuses on rehabilitation and detox for individuals struggling with addiction.
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