About the Project

Pursuit is a health education app that helps members build healthy habits. From grocery lists to step-by-step cooking instructions, Pursuit helps you learn valuable skills while making some delicious meals. We came into this project as extra help after initial MVP’s have been established.

To better understand the needs and expectations of the target audience, the Pursuit team conducted both quantitative and qualitative research. A survey was distributed to existing users of the brand to gain insights into pain points and preferences. 

Our Role on the project 

  • UI/UX changes to mobile application
  • Functionality changes to mobile 
  • Administrative & Infrastructure changes 


Build. Measure. Adapt. Learn.

  • Discussing with the main development team about pain points and road blocks within the code base
  • Reviewing the code base to identify key functionality to optimize 
  • Review the structure of the code base to identify how to best add functionality 
  • Setting up local instantes to allow for a deeper understand of the application and put ourselves in the position of the user 





The team at Pursuit did a fantastic job of discovering the pain points of their current users and uncovering what is causing trouble. Pursuit provided an exit survey:

Here are the problems we were able to define through the user research

  • Slow load times
  • Frequent crashes  
  • Unorganized, hard to find recipes
  • Photos and videos not matching with some recipes
  • Recipe user flow broken/hard to navigate


Design Impact

User Stories and MVP

User Flow


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low Fidelity Wireframes


Design Solutions


Mid Fidelity Wireframing



  • Applied filtering to list views
  • Added recipe favorite listing
  • Added ability to favorite recipes  
  • Added user onboarding  
  • Added grocery amounts  
  • Saved ingredient swaps  
  • Changed ‘View All’ link
  • Added scroll on recipe tags  
  • Added ‘Empty’ copy
  • Added ‘Encouragement’ copy
  • Adjusted navigation icons
  • Optimized the API’s
  • Added validation and better exception handling within the code base  


Designed For Simplification

After a few iterations and multiple tests, we designed the final screens of the small UI changes such as flags, preferences, and onboarding.

Our goal was to make sure we followed the previous design themes, colors, and elements.


What did we take away from this project

Time is valuable.  During this project Pursuit was underway with a big internal shift and focus on polishing their product, structure, and business model. Stepping in on this project with the Pursuit team during a critical phase allowed us to hone in on time management, and solidify our internal development process.

The more the merrier.  This is one of the first projects we came into where we had direct collaboration with another team from the entire process. From UX Designers, Project managers, and Frontend/Backend developers. While sometimes challenging, other perspectives allow for better insight, and more creative solutions to core problems.